1: 1. Smoke Alarms: Essential for early detection of fires. 2. Fire Extinguishers: Put out small fires quickly and effectively.

2: 3. Carbon Monoxide Detector: Detects invisible, deadly gas in your home. 4. Escape Ladder: Essential for multi-story homes to evacuate safely.

3: 5. Fire Blanket: Smothers small fires before they spread. 6. First Aid Kit: Treat minor injuries in case of emergencies.

4: 7. Fireproof Safe: Protects important documents and valuables from flames. 8. Emergency Whistle: Signal for help during fires.

5: 9. Fire Escape Plan: Plan and practice exit routes with your family. 10. Fireproof Gloves: Protect hands while handling hot items during fires.

6: 11. Flame Retardant Curtains: Reduce fire spread in your home. 12. Fireproof Storage Box: Secure flammable items in a safe container.

7: 13. Fire Safety Hammer: Break windows for emergency escape. 14. Non-Slip Fireproof Mat: Prevent fires caused by overheated appliances.

8: 15. Fire-Resistant Clothing: Protect yourself during evacuations. 16. Flashlight: Navigate through dark, smoky spaces during fires.

9: 17. Fire Alarm Monitoring Service: Notify authorities in case of fires. 18. Heat Resistant Tape: Secure cords and prevent fire hazards.