1: Discover 10 mosquito-repelling plants for your backyard to create a bug-free outdoor space.

2: Lemon balm, lavender, and marigolds are effective natural mosquito deterrents for your garden.

3: Plant citronella grass and catnip to keep mosquitoes at bay while adding beauty to your yard.

4: Try growing rosemary, mint, or basil to repel pesky mosquitoes and enhance your outdoor oasis.

5: Consider adding geraniums, garlic, or sage to your yard for additional mosquito-repelling benefits.

6: Create a well-rounded mosquito defense by planting chrysanthemums, lemon thyme, or alliums in your garden.

7: Enjoy a bug-free backyard by incorporating these 10 mosquito-repelling plants into your outdoor living space.

8: Embrace the natural beauty and functionality of mosquito-repelling plants in your backyard landscaping design.

9: Transform your outdoor environment with these 10 essential mosquito-repelling plants for a more enjoyable backyard experience.