1: 1. You don't make time for your friends. 2. You only reach out when you need something.

2: 3. You don't listen or show empathy. 4. You constantly cancel plans last minute.

3: 5. You are unreliable and not trustworthy. 6. You only focus on yourself in conversations.

4: 7. You are quick to judge and criticize. 8. You don't support your friends' goals and dreams.

5: 9. You gossip and betray your friends' trust. 10. You are always negative and bring others down.

6: 11. You are inconsistent and flaky. 12. You don't apologize or take responsibility for your actions.

7: 13. You are jealous and competitive with your friends. 14. You don't celebrate their successes or milestones.

8: 15. You lack boundaries and respect for your friends. 16. You don't show appreciation or gratitude.

9: 17. You are not there for your friends in their time of need. 18. You prioritize other relationships over your friendships.