1: Elevate roasted potatoes with garlic and herbs for a savory twist.

2: Try adding Parmesan cheese and fresh parsley for a gourmet touch.

3: Spice up your potatoes with smoked paprika and cumin for a bold flavor.

4: Make a tangy mustard and dill vinaigrette to dress up your potatoes.

5: Elevate roasted potatoes with a tangy lemon and rosemary seasoning.

6: Mix red pepper flakes and honey for a sweet and spicy potato topping.

7: Add crispy bacon and chives to your roasted potatoes for a delicious crunch.

8: Elevate your potatoes with a sprinkle of truffle salt and parsley for a fancy finish.

9: Try tossing roasted potatoes in a creamy garlic aioli for a rich and indulgent side dish.