1: "Types of Fire Extinguishers" Learn about the different types of fire extinguishers available for different types of fires.

2: "ABC Fire Extinguisher" An all-purpose fire extinguisher suitable for most fires, including paper, wood, and electrical fires.

3: "CO2 Fire Extinguisher" Ideal for electrical fires, the CO2 fire extinguisher works by suffocating the flames.

4: "Water Mist Fire Extinguisher" Safe to use on electrical fires, the water mist extinguisher cools the flames without conducting electricity.

5: "Foam Fire Extinguisher" Specially designed for flammable liquid fires, the foam fire extinguisher forms a barrier to extinguish the flames.

6: "Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher" Perfect for kitchen fires, the wet chemical extinguisher suppresses grease fires quickly and effectively.

7: "Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher" The versatile dry powder extinguisher can be used on a variety of fires, including flammable liquid and electrical fires.

8: "Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher" Suitable for sensitive equipment, the clean agent extinguisher leaves no residue behind after extinguishing a fire.

9: "Knowing the Right Extinguisher Can Save Your Life" Understanding the different types of fire extinguishers and their uses can help you choose the right one in case of an emergency.