1: Fuel your day with these 7 Mediterranean magnesium-rich breakfasts. Boost metabolism and lose weight.

2: Start your morning with a Greek yogurt parfait. Packed with protein and magnesium for energy.

3: Energize with a spinach and feta omelette. High in magnesium for muscle function and weight loss.

4: Indulge in a Mediterranean avocado toast. Rich in magnesium and healthy fats for satiety.

5: Savor a Mediterranean chia seed pudding. Loaded with magnesium and fiber for weight management.

6: Enjoy a quinoa breakfast bowl. A magnesium-rich meal for sustained energy and weight loss.

7: Dig into a sweet potato hash. Packed with magnesium for metabolism and weight control.

8: Delight in a Mediterranean smoothie. A delicious way to get magnesium and nutrients for weight loss.

9: Try a zucchini and egg muffin. High in magnesium and low in calories for shedding pounds.