1: 1. Boston Tea Party marks its 250th anniversary. 2. Event took place on December 16, 1773. 3. Disguised colonists dumped tea into harbor.

2: 4. Tea was worth around $1 million today. 5. Protest was against British monopoly on tea. 6. Boston Tea Party was a pivotal moment.

3: 7. Event fueled tensions before the American Revolution. 8. Sons of Liberty organized the protest. 9. British responded with harsh Intolerable Acts.

4: 10. Tea Party inspired other acts of defiance. 11. Sam Adams played a key role. 12. Rebellion led to formation of Continental Congress.

5: 13. Ships involved were Dartmouth, Eleanor, and Beaver. 14. Tea act led to boycotts across colonies. 15. Impact still felt in American history.

6: 16. Build-up to the Tea Party spanned months. 17. Protesters disguised as Mohawk Indians. 18. Protesters prevented unloading of the tea.

7: 19. Tea Party is commemorated at Boston's museum. 20. Event sparked solidarity among colonies. 21. Symbol of American resistance to tyranny.

8: 22. Tea Party is celebrated as a patriotic act. 23. Historical event taught in schools. 24. Demonstrated power of collective action.

9: 25. Tea Party serves as a reminder of American values. 26. Event still resonates in political discourse. 27. Learn more about this historic event.