1: Dwayne Johnson wows fans with his dance moves at CinemaCon, hinting at a possible Moana 2.

2: Rocking the stage with his signature charm, Dwayne Johnson showcases his best moves at CinemaCon.

3: Fans are buzzing with excitement as Dwayne Johnson teases a potential Moana sequel with his dance moves.

4: Dwayne Johnson's electrifying performance at CinemaCon leaves fans begging for more, especially for a Moana 2.

5: From twirls to hip shakes, Dwayne Johnson stuns the crowd at CinemaCon with his dance skills, teasing Moana 2.

6: Dwayne Johnson's dance moves at CinemaCon have fans on the edge of their seats, hoping for a sequel to Moana.

7: Moana fans can't contain their excitement as Dwayne Johnson hints at a potential sequel with his dance moves.

8: Dwayne Johnson's performance at CinemaCon sparks rumors of Moana 2, leaving fans eagerly anticipating more.

9: With his infectious energy and killer dance moves, Dwayne Johnson teases audiences with the possibility of Moana 2.