1: Real Weapons in WWE See how wrestlers use steel chairs, kendo sticks, and sledgehammers in intense matches.

2: Fake Weapons in WWE Watch as wrestlers employ tables, trash cans, and ladders to entertain fans in the ring.

3: Safety Precautions Discover how WWE ensures the safety of its performers when using weapons during matches.

4: Impact on Storylines Explore how weapon usage adds drama and excitement to ongoing rivalries in WWE programming.

5: Iconic Moments Relive memorable weapon-related moments in WWE history that have left fans in awe.

6: Training and Preparation Learn about how wrestlers undergo training to properly use and react to weapons in matches.

7: Fan Reactions Find out how fans react to the use of weapons in WWE matches, adding to the overall experience.

8: Legal Regulations Understand the rules and regulations that WWE follows when incorporating weapons in matches.

9: Evolution of Weapon Usage Explore how the use of weapons in WWE matches has evolved over the years, shaping the entertainment industry.