1: Simone Biles cheers as husband Jonathan Owens leads Texans to victory over Chiefs.

2: Olympic gold medalist Biles celebrates Owens' game-winning play against Kansas City.

3: Biles and Owens share emotional embrace after thrilling win at Arrowhead Stadium.

4: Power couple Biles and Owens bask in the glory of crushing defeat over Chiefs.

5: Biles dazzles in stands as Owens dominates field in epic showdown versus Kansas City.

6: Dynamic duo Biles and Owens toast to triumph over reigning AFC champions.

7: Biles and Owens' love story reaches new heights with Owen's stellar performance.

8: Biles beams with pride as Owens secures crucial victory against Chiefs.

9: The ultimate goal: Biles and Owens celebrate another milestone in their fairy tale romance.