1: Learn about the largest Komodo dragon ever discovered, measuring an incredible 10 feet long and weighing over 366 pounds.

2: Named Naga, this massive reptile made headlines for its impressive size and formidable presence in the wild.

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4: Find out why these impressive creatures are known as the world's largest lizards, dominating their Indonesian island habitats.

5: Explore the unique features and adaptations that allow Komodo dragons to thrive in their harsh and challenging environments.

6: Learn about the hunting and feeding habits of these apex predators, utilizing their powerful jaws and venomous saliva to take down prey.

7: Understand the importance of conservation efforts to protect the Komodo dragon population from threats such as poaching and habitat loss.

8: Discover how ecotourism has played a role in raising awareness and funding for the conservation of these iconic reptiles.

9: Celebrate the legacy of Naga, the largest Komodo dragon ever recorded, and continue to advocate for the preservation of these incredible creatures.