1: Discover the most valuable wheat pennies in circulation. Learn about key dates and mint marks to look for.

2: The 1909-S VDB penny is a standout rarity. Check for the small "S" mint mark on the reverse.

3: The 1914-D penny is another key date. Look for a "D" mint mark below the date.

4: The 1922 plain penny is a sought-after variety. No mint mark indicates it was struck in Philadelphia.

5: The 1931-S penny is scarce. Look for an "S" mint mark on the reverse.

6: The 1943-D bronze penny is extremely rare. Only a few examples are known to exist.

7: The 1955 double die obverse penny is a famous error coin. The doubling is visible on the date and lettering.

8: The 1958-D wheat penny is a low mintage issue. Look for the "D" mint mark on the reverse.

9: Keep an eye out for these valuable wheat pennies in your pocket change. They could be worth more than their face value.