1: Discover the top 7 cleanest animals in the world. From the spotless white swan to the fastidious house cat, cleanliness is key for these creatures.

2: The alpaca takes pride in its cleanliness, regularly rolling in dust baths to keep its wool clean and fresh.

3: The bichon frise is known for its impeccable white coat, meticulously groomed to perfection.

4: Dolphins are exceptionally clean animals, known for their sleek and shiny appearance due to constant self-grooming.

5: The Siamese cat is a clean freak, known for its regular grooming and pristine appearance.

6: The blue tang fish impresses with its vibrant colors and cleanliness, constantly cleaning itself to maintain its stunning appearance.

7: Hamsters are surprisingly clean animals, regularly grooming themselves to keep their fur neat and tidy.

8: The red fox is not only cunning but also clean, with a meticulous grooming routine to keep its fur sleek and shiny.

9: Rabbits may be messy eaters, but they are clean animals that groom themselves regularly to maintain a soft and shiny coat.