1: UnderEye Swelling - Causes and Symptoms Discover the common causes and symptoms of under-eye swelling, and learn how to treat it naturally at home.

2: Cold Compress - Quick Relief Apply a cold compress to reduce under-eye swelling and inflammation instantly. This simple remedy is effective and easy to do at home.

3: Cucumber Slices - Soothe and Refresh Placing cucumber slices over your eyes can help reduce swelling and soothe tired eyes. Try this natural remedy for quick relief.

4: Tea Bags - Anti-inflammatory Properties Used tea bags can help reduce under-eye swelling due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Steep and chill tea bags for a refreshing treatment.

5: Aloe Vera Gel - Hydrate and Heal Aloe vera gel can hydrate the delicate skin under your eyes and reduce swelling. Apply a thin layer of gel for a soothing effect.

6: Potato Slices - Natural Bleaching Agent Potato slices contain natural bleaching agents that can reduce dark circles and under-eye swelling. Try this simple remedy for brighter eyes.

7: Stay Hydrated - Drink Plenty of Water Dehydration can worsen under-eye swelling. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day to keep your skin healthy.

8: Sleep Well - Rest and Repair Lack of sleep can cause under-eye swelling. Prioritize a good night's sleep to allow your skin to rest and repair itself naturally.

9: Gentle Massage - Improve Circulation Gently massage the under-eye area to improve blood circulation and reduce swelling. Use a light touch to avoid causing further irritation.